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foundergard 1kg

 Founderguard 1kg

Lanminitis is usually caused by overaeating feeds rich in soluble carbohydrates (mainly found in cereal grains and spring  or autumn pasture). Laminitis - the most serious disease of the equine foot - which may progress to physical change in the hoof known as founder

Don't risk it; protect you horse by feeding Founderguard

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Also available in a 5kg tub......

Foundergard 5kg



Allstock Stores have a extensive range of over 2000 lines for feeding and looking after your horse or pet

Some of the major brands we stock include: Pryde's range of horse feeds, Red Hen poultry and meat bird feeds, Equijewel, Golden Cob birdseed, Mitavite horse feeds, Raidar Snake Defence, Cool Stance, Supercoat dog & cat food, Advance dog food, Coprice feeds, Maxisoy, Tubtrugs, Hemperade etc. 


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Prydes EasiFeed 300 Pellets 25kg

'A premium, concentrated supplement formulated to provide quality amino acids, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins.'

  • contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for performance in one small dose
  • palatable pellet with 30% quality protein
  • mix it into any ration
  • also available in 5kg tub

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Pryde's EasiPerformance 25kg 

'Delivers precise, controlled energy, to maximise performance and staying power.

Çomplete extruded non-oat sweet feed for racing and performance horses.

  • oat free with fully extruded grains for muscle fuel 
  • rolled in honey for irresistible taste
  • no extra supplements needed

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Our Suppliers

Allstock Stores are distributors for a range of horse feeds, poultry and bird feeds and pet goods. We also wholesale a large range of feeds from major Australian feed companies including Pryde's Feeds, Mitavite, SweetBulk, Mortons Feeds, Coprice Feeds, Ozhemp, Derwent Traders, Kentucky Equine Research, Evo Products, Virbac Animal Health etc.





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speedibeetSpeedi-Beet 20kg

The world's No.1 Quick Soaking Sugar Beet Flakes. Speedi-Beet is fast, convenient and is the healthy option for thousands of horse owners who now use the product and rely on its benefits. Speedi-Beet is made from pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp which is a by-product of the sugar beet industry.

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*imported by Mitavite...

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"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink"

But what if you can?

Water intake is vital for maintaining the health and well being of all horses. When water intake is less than adequate, horses are at risk of dehydration, particularly if exercising or travelling.

Drink up sachet

KER Drink-Up is a highly palatable blend designed to encourage horses to drink water. Drink-Up is a scientifically formulated, complex combination of ingredients which work together to increase a horse's willingness to drin.

Research has shown that 90% of horses increased water intake with Drink-Up

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