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Gut health - What you need to know

Gut health for your horse should be your NUMBER 1 consideration when choosing what you are going to feed your horse. An imbalance in gut health and you could end up with laminitis, colic, systemic acidosis, endotoxaemia, behavioural changes, vitamin deficiencies, loss of appetite, weak, slow growing hooves, poor feed use efficiency (meaning you need to feed a small mountain of feed to your horse to maintain weight); and weight loss.



Electrolyte Supplementation for Working Horses

RESTORE is a scientifically formulated electrolyte supplement designed to match the composition of horses' sweat. It replenishes electrolytes in any situation where horses may have sweated, particularly after training, travel, racing, competition or during hot weather. It is available in 2kg, 5kg and 15kg as well as a paste in a 60g tube, which is perfect for shows.



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Flyaway: insecticidal spray for horses

FLYAWAY is a highly effective and versatile fly and nuisance insect treatment for horses. Flyaway provides horses with complete fly protection as it can be safely applied to the horse, to kill and repel flies and also applied to a horse's surroundings, bedding and gear for integrated fly and insect control. Available in a 500ml spray or 5L.





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